• De Lijn Kern Open Data Services

    • Original

      Dit document beschrijft de Kern operaties van de Open Data API

    • v1

      Dit document beschrijft de kern operaties van de Open Data API (v1)

  • De Lijn Zoek Open Data Services

    • Original

      This set includes Search Services

      • Search stops by description. Eg Veemarkt or station.
      • Search lines by number or description. Eg search line 48 or Hamont
      • Search locations (x,y) by user adress input. Typical for input on a routeplanner (eg kerkstraat 14 Hasselt or Achter De Kazerne ) . Limitied Geocoding service that retuns stops, adresses or POIs and its XY coordinates

      Some more explanation can be found here

      De Lijn does apply limits to its open data.
      On request and when justified we can increase these limits per subscription

      • Max 864000 calls per product per day
      • Max 6000 calls per product per minute
      • Max 6000 calls for SearchAPis per minute
      • We have some more non disclosed meassures to ensure API stability
      • We do not provide SLAs.
      • Data quality The quality of the data that is disclosed is equal to the quality that is sufficient for internal use of the data (within the services of the Flemish or local government).

    • v1

      Dit document beschrijft de Zoek operaties van de Open Data API