Open Data Free

This set includes Kernal Services

  • Schedule information for stops and lines
  • Real-time information for stops and lines
  • Routeplanner
  • Interruption, detour messages
  • Stops Nearby
  • Stops and lines metadata (colors, descriptions, destinations, names etc)

and Search Services

  • Search stops by description. Eg Veemarkt or station.
  • Search lines by number or description. Eg search line 48 or Hamont
  • Search locations (x,y) by user adress input. Typical for input on a routeplanner (eg kerkstraat 14 Hasselt or Achter De Kazerne ) . Limitied Geocoding service that retuns stops, adresses or POIs and its XY coordinates

Some more explanation can be found under Doc

This product contains 2 APIs: