De Lijn Open Data portal

Looking for Open Data relating to the De Lijn ?

This portal is the gateway to the open data sets and webservices of De Lijn. Open Data De Lijn combines freely accessible and usable data on routes, stops, interruptions and timetables. By using this service you agree to following license agreement.

Do you want to use our webservices? Choose your product and subscribe via this selfservice portal. You will receive an api-key and can start immediately.

De Lijn does apply limits to its open data.
On request and when justified we can increase these limits per subscription

  • Max 864000 calls per product per day
  • Max 6000 calls per product per minute
  • Max 240 calls for KernalAPis per minute
  • Max 6000 calls for SearchAPis per minute
  • We have some more non disclosed meassures to ensure API stability
  • We do not provide SLAs.
  • Data quality The quality of the data that is disclosed is equal to the quality that is sufficient for internal use of the data (within the services of the Flemish or local government).

Do you want to use our static files (GTFS or CSV)? Request access via this contactform (questions>website-app-opendata). Add you contact details so we can arrange the signing a licensing agreement and access to our data

Do you want to use a realtime infoboard for your public displays or do you want to integrate a routeplanner on your website

Governments and government related institutions can acquire geographical maps and data from the download application of Informatie Vlaanderen.

Developer Support

Developers can log and discuss issues and submit their applications to the application gallery.


Route (Lijn)

A route can have of multiple rides and is defined by a start and endpoint with possible stops in between.

Ride (Rit)

A ride consists of a route a bus follows on a specific time and date.

Stop (Halte)

The different stops where a bus will stop on a ride.

Interruption (Storing)

Interruption indicate that there’s a problem on a route, ride or stop.

Municipality (Gemeente)

A municipality is a single urban administrative division

More documentation

Some more explanation can be found here