• De Lijn GTFS Realtime

    General Transit Feed Specification functies of De Lijn The response is a protobuffer file with GTFS real time. Do you want to use our static files (GTFS)? Request access via this contactform (questions>website-app-opendata). Add you contact details so we can arrange the signing a licensing agreement and access to our data.
  • De Lijn GTFS Static

    Public GTFS Static products
  • Open Data Free Subscribe Here

    This set includes Kernal Services

    • Schedule information for stops and lines
    • Real-time information for stops and lines
    • Routeplanner
    • Interruption, detour messages
    • Stops Nearby
    • Stops and lines metadata (colors, descriptions, destinations, names etc)

    and Search Services

    • Search stops by description. Eg Veemarkt or station.
    • Search lines by number or description. Eg search line 48 or Hamont
    • Search locations (x,y) by user adress input. Typical for input on a routeplanner (eg kerkstraat 14 Hasselt or Achter De Kazerne ) . Limitied Geocoding service that retuns stops, adresses or POIs and its XY coordinates

    De Lijn does apply limits to its open data.
    On request and when justified we can increase these limits per subscription. Details can be found under APIs